Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writing Competition / Assignments?

Thanks to the lovely Jessica (who by the way should follow our blog as you are not actually following it (Make a blogspot account if needs be) :P) gave us an idea for a writing competition/prompt.

So I have come up with an idea! But before the idea can become reality, I must talk to Hanna and ask if she is up for it.

As I finish school this Friday (YAY!) I will have a lot of free time during the summer (apart from 11th July till the 27th as I will be travelling to England, though I should still have internet and be able to update!)

So here is what I have come up with (with Jessica's idea and the agreement of dreamers):
Each week, Me and Hanna will take it in turns to pick a topic/genre/scene.... and we must write it.

Some examples:
Write a chase scene.
Write a suspense scene.
Write a romantic scene.
Write a descriptive piece describing a setting.
Write a descriptive piece describing a person.
Write an amazing first paragraph to a novel... etcetera...

Word count: I do not know. I will have to ask Hanna.

We (Hanna and I) will then show you guys two different pieces of writing in one post WITHOUT our names. YOU will then comment and decide which one you thought was best.
In the comment you should include:
1) The number of the writing piece (as you will not know who wrote the one you liked. Instead we will have a number beside it. Number 1 or 2.)
2) Why you like it.
3) Your own critique (if you have one)

ALSO! After you decide which one is the best - YOU may write the scene and post it in the comments. If there are more than 3, me and Hanna will read them and dedicate a post to the best piece of writing (the winner) with their name, along with our next assignment for you to vote and write up.

Sound good?

I must inform Hanna first, though, before anything is confirmed.

To participate you must be following our blog, though. :D Because... lets face it - We want morefollowers. xD

Keep Dreaming, Dreamers!!!

-Charlie, The Cooler Teen.


jpereztheargus said...

I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

I made a little blogspot account. Hurray! And I must say I cannot wait to read these prompts and submit my own. How fun.
When do you think all of this shall begin? I hope soon.

Anonymous said...

It shall start as soon as Hanna agrees and gets back from her holiday. Which I assume is this Friday. Not sure though.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'll probably be swamped this week with life activities anyways, so that is perfect timing.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated question, but yeah: Where are you from?

Anonymous said...

America. Nothing exciting really. Well, to at least to me... I really wish I lived somewhere no one knows about so when they ask I can give them this strange name of this strange little place.

Anonymous said...

Lol. I love America <3
Well then, dear, move to Malta.
Small little place. Island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. (Near Italy)
I hate it here. Not many choices at all.

And I asked because I thought people in America would still be at school... or have you already finished, like Hanna?
I finish this Friday <3

Anonymous said...

We Americans get out of school for summer break usually at the end of May or beginning of June. xD

I may not move to Malta, but it is now officially on my list of places to visit. I love traveling and plan on seeing the world one day. My ambitious are too high they always tell me. :P

Anonymous said...

It is nice for holidays, its furthest beach is only an hour away, and they are beautiful-ish... but I HATE with a passion... living here. :(

Anonymous said...

Haha. I can tell. It can't be that bad though...can it?

Is it weird that the only time I've ever been to a beach was when I was five? I usually don't get very close to the ocean so you are a lucky one for having a beach so near. AND you live closer to Europe then I do. I adore Europe. It is such a beautiful continent. The architecture is so very brilliant. I wish we had more like it in America, but being a young country we don't get half of the beautiful things Europe does. :P

Anonymous said...

Rawr. I hate the beach! I get burnt - and I don't really care for swimming, that much... though i like writing water scenes xD

I would trade with you any day.

Anonymous said...

...Ok I can see why you would hate the beach... I burn as well. It's weird though, when I was younger I was this tan little kid who the sun couldn't touch and now I'm fair skinned so that sun and I don't get along as much anymore. I wonder what happened...
And how dare you not like swimming. It is the greatest thing in the world. End of story.