Friday, June 25, 2010

Five Random Thoughts on a Friday.

1. Why am I so amazingly thrilled that school is over. I mean, Finally over. No more idiots throwing things. No more idiots making fun of my half English accent (They are obviously jealous! As they can't say even one sentence in a "Non-Maltese" accent.)

2. Why do so many people dislike Breaking Dawn? Okay the chapters with the Volturi did drag a little, but I thought the book in itself was amazing. The ending was fine. I myself would have kept a fight, and killed a few of them... but that's just me. I still think Breaking Dawn is the best in the series. Renesmee is so adorable <3

3. I wonder what Hanna is doing... Hanna, hope you are having fun! Come back to us.

4. Why do SO many people get worked up over the World Cup. I mean, hello, it is just a bunch of losers running after a ball. When they zoom out, it looks like a group of 2 different colours running after a white spot which moves around faster than the other colours... but if I had to side with anyone, it would be England or the USA.

5. Why am humming and singing the tune to Justin Bieber's "Baby" song right now? Weird... "YEAH, YEAH YEAH, NOW I'M ALL GONE, GONE, GONE.
I'm GONE!"

-Charlie, the Cooler Teen.


Hanna said...

At the time you posted this - we were stopped at a rest area in South Carolina on our way home. Nothing too exciting to answer your wondering question. lol

Anonymous said...

...I love the World Cup...