Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Responce to Charlie's Post.

True.  It's not a very good idea to query an agent before you've completed - or finished a draft you'd even let your parents read - your manuscript.  But I have a bit different reasoning on this.

Some agents probably wouldn't mind that you're not completely done - great.   They're big risk takers.  Most, however, aren't like this.  Most agents want to know exactly what they're going to be representing.  Think about it, would you like to represent something and not know the whole story for it?  I know I wouldn't.  Now, a lot of times agents don't want a full manuscript, right away.  But realize, if you're sending them queries and hoping by the time they get to you, you will be done...well, that's a pretty big risk.  If they get to you before you're done, and ask for the full manuscript, they're going to be quite angry.  They'll see you as unprofessional and they're going to think that they've been wasting time.  Just finish the manuscript before you query.

Here's my second reason.  Self esteem.  Seriously, if you're looking at agents (I know this from experience), attempting to write queries, maybe even sending them out and getting rejections, you're not going to have much self esteem nor faith in your novel.  You might even stop writing.  You're going to realize way too early just how hard publishing can be.  If it's done, you might still feel this way, but at least you have a better image of what you need to stand up for.  Plus, how can you write a query for something you haven't written?  Even if you're saying "My novel concludes with Bella and Edward going to Hawaii", that doesn't mean that that's how you are going to end it.  When I started writing draft two of my novel, I had this amazing ending in mind...guess what?  It doesn't end like that anymore.  Book 3 does!  See how much can change?

Just don't do it.