Saturday, June 26, 2010


I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you to all eight of you followers!  (Granted, Charlie is one of them.) 

This blog hasn't even been up a month and we've already gathered eight amazing people (nine including myself) to communicate, talk about writing and its hardships, and to grow together as writers.  My other blog (shamelessly linked HERE) has been up for over a year and has accumulated nine followers.  I just think it's amazing how many teen writers have found this scrawny little blog in less than a month and turned it into something that I would consider a support group.  So, thank you, eight wonderful people.  *Yes, even you Charlie.  It wouldn't be Two Teens, One Dream without you.*

Well, it's like 12:30am here, time for me to turn in.  I'm so tired, even after sleeping a lot in the car on the 12 hour drive home.

Please keep spreading the word of this blog to other teenage writers you know - Charlie and I would be honored to take in new Dreamers and help them feel a bit more at ease as a writer.  And go ahead and tell other writers about it - they don't have to be teens or YA writers - I think any issue we face is relatable to almost every writer.  That's the great thing about writing - someone's faced your issue before, someone's probably facing it at the same time, and someone's going to face it some time.  And when they do, you can say "I know what you're going through.  Here's how I pushed through."

Goodnight, Dreamers.  May you dream sweet dreams and may you pursue the dreams outside of your sleeping mind.



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