Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Other" Comment

Didn't feel like typing this either.

Enjoy the theme song!


Lizzie said...

I'm a fan!

Anonymous said...

You don't like Harry Potter! Is that even possible! I think I need to lay down.

Hanna said...

@Lizzie - thanks so much! Welcome to the crazy ride!

@Jpereztheargus - Trust me, it's possible. And you need to lie down - not lay. Just sayin'. lol.

Jessica(I'm the anonymous girl) said...

I figured out how to have a name! Hurray... No longer am I a nameless phantom.

I feel like I need to elaborate a little bit on exactly what I mean. When I say 'good or bad', opinion wise, it's more like a "Oh hey, you need to change this because it doesn't make sense." or "This is so good because of the character develeopment, storyline, ect." But I can see how you could mix that up... I don't think I made that very clear.

You are a very lucky girl though. I am always paranoid to let my friends read what I write because the ones that actaully like writing(which is about two..), or better known as the ones that can give me some feedback that is worth my time(not trying to sound rude, it's just that some people wont give you very good critiques), get kind of... I'm not postive how to word it, I just feel like I'm 'bragging' a bit because I write a LOT more then them... As always, I really hope that makes sense.
Another thing for me is just the fact that I have a hard time reaching out to people on the internet that like writing. I am a terribly paranoid little girl who believes everyone shall think I am a deranged creature who spends her time stalking their blogs and writing strange little stories about impossible things that could very well have been concocted from the mind of a bedlam paitent. If you were to find me on a dating website I might be in such the mind to say something along the lines: "Spends her time collecting stories with her hands like fireflies. Does not enjoy long walks on the beach, but instead long walks through the minds of great writers that fill her bookshelf with too many words and ideas for a simpleton to fathom. Has no paitents for those who cannot spend a whole day reading, or dreaming up fairytales lost long ago. Desires more then anything to become what, she believes all writers one day become, which is one. She wants to be able to think with the mind of a thousand intellets and speak with words that could only come into existence if every writers mind was joined to one."
I think that would bring all of the lads knocking on my doorstep to get to know me, don't you?

Oh, and I hate to be a party pooper, but I don't like Twilight, but I haven't read Harry Potter, so no opinion is formed on those books.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do think it would bring few lads (I being one of them) to your doorstep. :)
People who can't read or can't make up their own stories are boring to me.

Jessica said...

Haha. Well you're the only one who I've known of so far. I do wish more people would have a little bit more of an imagination though. But then again, it would kind of spoil the fun of finding people who can think of things and write them down in such a way it's just plain magical. I do wonder sometimes though...maybe only some of us can see the things that make life an adventure while the rest of us are blindly following behind. I'm going to now ask foolishly if that makes sense. I find sometimes people can't understand what I type because it's in some code only I can I'll probably continue to badger you with that ever so repetitive question if I keep repling to your postys.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do believe some of us can see things others can't... in a way.
Yes I did understand you - very well, do not worry.

When reading, and writing, I honestly can "SEE" the setting or what I think, behind my eyelids. Does that happen to you? As vivid as a picture... just with less detail xD

Jessica said...

I think I'm going to shoot myself in the foot. I had a reply written out and then BOOM! It disappears. How wonderful...

Yes, I do see what I am reading or writing in the back of my mind, it helps make it all the more real to me. It helps me fall in love with the characters. To me, if I don't care about the characters I wont care about the story. But when I can see them and feel them around me it just makes the story all the more real.

It's nice that people who are writers like myself can understand what I'm trying to say... I don't have to make a decoder chart for my words to not sound like gibberish.

Anonymous said...

I understand. :P
And wow, you just gave me an idea for a post... if you stick around for a few minutes you may be able to read it.

Jessica said...

Glad to be of some inspiration. :D

Anonymous said...

It is up! :D

Anonymous said...

My bad, Hanna-without-the-"h". I should pick up a grammar book and LIE down that Potter novel. >_<

P.S. That was a joke. :)

Hanna said...

@Jessica - sorry for the mix up!

@JP - ha, ha, ha. You're very funny. *that was sarcasm.* lol.