Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dessert - Hot dog = Novel...?

I tried writing this post yesterday, but my internet cut and it did not save, so I will rewrite today.
Quick answer to Hanna (the cuter teen): No, I only voted once.

A dessert has many layers.
Like a dessert, a novel must have many layers:
Out-of-this-world Settings
Amazing Plot
Character Development
Point of view

A novel needs all of these things to make it good. If not all - most... and add some others to the list yourself.

The equation came to existence like so:
I was eating a Hot dog yesterday, when I really wanted a dessert... I thought about the layers <3 and cream.... and strawberries...
Then I realized that if I ate both the hot dog, and the dessert, I would get fatter...
So, Dessert with many layers (the novel) - Hot dog (Extra scenes) = Novel.
And viola...

-Charlie, the Cooler Teen.
(Brought to you by... the Internet, and his white laptop.)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I could comment!

First of all I would like to say, that I think this joint blog is a wonderful idea! I've told all my writing buddies about it.

In response to The Cooler Teen, I absolutely agree with your analogy that a good book is like a yummy dessert. I would also add that a good book should also have the right amount of ingredients. We do not want to eat an inch of vanilla ice cream and a foot of whip cream; likewise, we do not want to read a book with pages of setting description. For the most part...

I guess for every rule their is an exception. I don't know if y'all are familiar with Truman Capote, but I had to read his novel "In Cold Blood" last year in my high school English Class and his novel had pages of setting description. And it was still a wonderful book!

Hanna said...

@ Jamie Perez

Thanks so much!

I understand what you mean - description and no action is a very bad thing most of the time. Likewise, it's bad to have all action and no description.

Thanks for commenting!!