Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poetry Contest!!!

Hey everyone! We are back with yet another splendid contest. First of all Hanna and I wish to thank everyone who gave feed back on our stories. If you didn't figure it out Piece #1 was mine and Piece #2 was Hanna's. Secondly, no one sent in any stories so we do not have a winner. We understand that stories can take some time and not everyone can just write a "Quick Story". Thirdly, We have decided to instead make it a poetry contest. It can be about whatever you want. Use 12 point font and it cannot exceed two pages double spaced.

In our next post Hanna will be posting a piece of hers and so will I. Same results from the last contest apply. Submit your poetry to our email and we will read them all. After deciding which we like best we will post that as the third piece of poetry in our next blog writing. Lastly, the deadline for this will be Saturday the 20th before midnight. Have fun with this readers! We look forward to seeing your work!

P.S. If you want us to give comments on your work just verify that in your email and we will reply with our thoughts after the contest has ended.

P.S.S. We also ask that you vote on the contest