Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All about Stereotyping.

I hate it (and I am pretty sure other people hate it, too) when writers stereotype.

Think of a guy. He is on the school football team. A Jock. Do not name him Austin! Why? Because it is just so typical. Why can't he have a horrible name? Like... Rumpelstiltskin (I am pretty sure none of our readers would be named this, but if so, no means to offend!)

And it does not have to be about people...

Writing a scary scene? Are there ghosts... and ghouls.... and, vampires?
Let me guess the setting...: Haunted Mansion? Graveyard? ....
Be Original!
Is there a ghost haunting you? Why can't he haunt you on the subway?
Did you just find out that your Edward Cullen is a vampire? RUN TO THE BEACH!

-Charlie, the Cooler teen.
(Yes, Hanna, It is Trivial.)