Monday, June 21, 2010

What is inside Charlie's head?

This is your latest update about all things,err, me.

It is 9:40pm right now, as I write this, and I just woke up. Yeah I know. Shush. I fell asleep okay? Anyway... I dreamt about our cuter teen. Wow?

No! No Romantic crap... actually I dreamt about YOU guys also, if you count yourself as the blog.

Apparently, Hanna won some prize to interview both Stephenie Meyer and J.K Rowling on a talk how. (The set was actually the stage to the competition show - Britain's got talent... but yeah.)

So, Hanna was sitting at the top of the audience's row of chairs, with me of course, and I told her how proud I was of her.

Then, apparently, my dream shifted backstage and I watched as Stephenie Meyer told J.k Rowling how she came up with the name Renesmee.
I really like this name, and I had just read the chapter when Renesmee was born, before I fell asleep.

The way she came up with the name - so says my dream:

Stephenie was driving with her windows rolled down (get it? I do, and wow dreams take everything into consideration.) and saw the moon in the sky, glittering in the dusk? That were those her exact words out of my dream... don't think me stupid!
Anyway.... J.K Rowling was amazed and did not know what this moon would look like, so Stephenie grabbed a random makeup-mirror (from thing air) and placed it high up in the shadow, facing the sun.

And then I awoke to hunger - as I have not had dinner.
Oh glorious dreams!
Now you know what I dream about. :)

Thank you Hanna for being in my dream? This was such a VIVID one...

-Charlie, The Cooler Teen.