About 2T,1D

This blog is owned by my friend, Charlie, and I. Charlie lives in Malta, Europe and I live in the United States. Although we live over 5,000 miles away from each other, and have a 6 hour time difference, we share the same dream. Publishing our novels.

Most likely, one of us will be updating the site everyday. However, any blogger that has attempted this knows that it usually doesn't happen this way. Just keep coming back and see what we're up to.

Charlie and I both know the hardships that teenage writers - and writers in general - face. I've been writing for about two and a half years. In those two and a half years, I've finished the first draft of my first novel and I'm nearly done with the second. And while I'll never claim to be an expert, I'd like to think that I do know a bit about the writing process and what to do when. So with this blog (and my other one HERE) I'll be giving my two cents about various topics that teens are sometimes afraid to write about, the issues we face, when to stop, and who to trust when it comes to letting others read your novel, novella, short stories, poems, songs, anything.

I hope you all enjoy the ride. The name Two Teens. One Dream, is not by any means all-inclusive meaning that Charlie and I are the only ones with the dream of becoming a best selling author - or just authors, period. And that's exactly why we started this blog. To help our fellow teenage - and adult, for that matter - writers be comfortable in their 'world' and in their skin.

Hold on tight, it's gonna be a wild ride.

With eternal love and blessings,


This blog is now operated by Hanna and Corey.  Corey also lives in the United States and is a writer as well.  We hope that by adding Corey we can get the blog back to where it was last June!  It is kind of pathetic that the first month this blog was up was its best month as far as readers and comments go.  We'd like to make this a clean, writing environment where we can talk about the hardships, blessings, and stresses that writing brings - to the writer, characters, and the life of the writer.  We hope that you will stick with us!   This is going to be a great ride!!