Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are officially a breed?

(Wow at the cows! I love cows, but they scare me...)
"Mooooo!" Hah! Gotcha.

According to Hanna, the "cuter teen" we are dreamers. So woah! We are officially a breed!


How is that for my singing success? :)

While we are talking about breeds - lets talk about breeds in a novel.

Is it weird creating your own creatures? Is it good, bad, just... wrong??

Well, I only like breeds when they are realistic and true... and if you have a vampire do not call it something else for god sake!
A vampire is a vampire... it drinks blood. Then do not call a group of vampires: "The white people" and say they drink vodka... (I don't know, just using an example.) A vampire is a vampire... just because you changed their name and their prey, does not mean you created your own breed of animals and creatures...

Let us use Twilight as an example, as it is the hottest thing right now - even with me. I can't get enough.

Stephenie Meyer changed the vampires to fit her preference. They sparkle, not burn. That is good. She changed it and did not care about what other people though. It was hers, and she did what she wanted to do.... but she still called them what they truly were - vampires.

Though Jacob and the people down at La Push called them "the cold ones" that was just a group of people and part of a superstitious story... That is okay. Besides, Jacob hardly believed them to be real, until he became a wolf and kicked some vampire-butt.

Which reminds me: Team Edward, Or Team Jacob?
I for one, am Team Bella :)

--Charlie, the Cooler Teen.


Hanna said...

Team Edward - duh.

Nice comparisons and good points. Wonder what you'll think when you read MY book?...

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree partially because this isn't always the case. I can understand if this is suppose to be a 'realistic' book(but hey, If it is, that doesn't mean you can't change the name still). As in, the story is set in our world. But, if you're writing a novel where you've created a whole new universe I'm pretty sure you can get away with calling a 'vampire', 'werewolf', 'faerie', and so on so forth, something else. I mean really, our world is filled with so many different fables that are from all over the world that we get similar creatures, with different names. In fact, sometimes in the same fable one creature could have multiple names. I think if you can come up with something that is symbolic and fits with the type of story your writing its perfectly acceptable...those are just my thoughts, but hey, some people prefer different things.

Anonymous said...

Team Jacob!
I luv doggies!

Anyway...I would have to agree to an extent with this blog post. Yes, it would be strange to use another name for a species that is sooo common in the literary world without an explanation. But I think people have the creative license to do whatever they want (within reason) when writing.

Hanna said...


First, can I just say that I find it fun to say your name?

Second, have you ever noticed the poster behind me in my vlogs of a cartoon vampire and werewolf? Well, one day, my almost-three-year-old sister walked into my room, pointed at 'jacob' and said "Oh, Hanna, I like that kitty-cat". hehe. TEAM EDWARD! B/C NO ONE WANTS TO MAKEOUT W/ A DOG! ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, but puppies are so adorable!

Oh, I left you message in your youtube account, just in case if you don't check you youtube account regularly.

Hanna said...

Yeah - I just replied to you.