Monday, June 14, 2010

Point Of View.

First Person Versus Third Person...
The Great Battle!
The Ultimate Question which NOBODY can answer...

A Quick grammar lesson for those of you who skipped an english lesson and missed this:
First Person: I Went / We Went
Third Person: He/She went / They Went

I honestly don't know which one is better.
I would say first person is better when you want the reader to know one character well, and be inside them. It could also help more with developing a single character well.
Third person would be more if you want a sense of plot (but you still must have amazing character development in third person!)

I would prefer to write in third person - BUT I find I write better in first person.
As soon as I start writing in first person, the words come to me... and the voice of my character flows onto the page or computer screen... depending if I am writing on my laptop (if at home) or on paper (probably during math class)

Whatever choice you make, both are correct and both have their pros and cons... Neither is better than the other.
What point of view do you prefer to read in?
What point of view do you prefer to write in?
Tell us in the comments below!!

-Charlie, the Cooler Teen.


Anonymous said...

Is that even a question? Third-person limited, of course. I think the majority of books are written in third-person, so I think I've been trained to write in that way.

We are also forgetting the elusive second-person! Which is "you _____ ."
I've never read this kind of novel, but I hear that they do exist.

Anonymous said...

Yes, second person does exist, but is not at all popular in novels... more for guide books...