Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Want To Be A Writer...

"I want to be a writer." Said he.

"I really want to be a writer." Said she.

Both of these people are on the right track. They want to be a writer - but why?

Is it for the money, and fame?

Yes, many of us - even myself - want our books to be best sellers and eventually be sold to some motion picture company so that a film would be based on our stellar novel.... but that is not everything.

I write, because It is all I want to do. I can't not write.... I wrote my first "novel" at the age of 8. It was 46 A4 pages with big font and atrocious plotting and wording.... but I wanted to write, and I did!

Write because you want to, not because you have to!
Write because it is your cup of tea - your breath of fresh air.

Write, because you believe in your story and love the characters as if they were your real 'tangible' children.

-Charlie, the Cooler Teen.