Friday, June 25, 2010


No, not football (soccer as the American's call it) goals! But My goals!

My goals for this summer are:

* Get my reading list up to 50 books this year.

* Finish at least the first draft of my manuscript. (I have the plot all planned, and I keep changing the first chapter. I just need to stick with one, and write the rest! THAT IS WHAT REVISION IS FOR CHARLES!)

Yeah, these are my two most important goals for this summer.

* OH! And to NOT get burnt! Malta is to hot. The sun is a vigorous ball of menacing blazing fire which wants to burn my pale skin!

* To NOT go swimming this summer - even though the beach is like... 10 minutes away. Despite the heat, I shall not go swimming!

-Charlie, the Cooler Teen.


Tessie said...

You can do it Charles! :p I think we're at around the same place with our manuscripts, because I'm just starting mine (even though I did stupid NaNoWriMo... it wasn't stupid, but it ate my soul!!!). And you live by the beach? You're so lucky

Anonymous said...

Not by the beach exactly...
Malta is really small. You could go to the top of Malta from the bottom in about 1 hour.
And it has a few beaches.
The furthest beach away is an hour...
And yea, NaNoWriMo is good, but it takes a lot of strength. At least you have the plot down, I only have the major plot points.