Sunday, July 18, 2010

Special Day and a post about rainy days

Hey Dreamers! 

Today is a very special day for me!  Find out why HERE ON MY BLOG.  I didn't feel like copy and pasting everything.

Today is a rainy day in Ohio.  It only rained for a little while, but I still consider it a rainy day if it's gloomy and no sun.  Oh, and if I really don't feel like doing anything.  I wish I could bring myself to do something - anything - but I can't really.  I wrote a little bit, but I kinda lost my feel for it.  Perhaps it's because it's the afternoon, not nighttime.  I'm thinking about re-arranging my book shelf and dusting it and all that fun stuff... yep that's what I'll do.  Maybe touching all of those yummy books will make me want to write one of my own.

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Keep dreaming,