Sunday, July 24, 2011

Contest Announcement

Hey readers!

Sorry that Hanna and I haven't really been updating lately, but we are back with some great news! We will be hosting a contest called, "Stories of the Heart". Miss Hanna and I will both write one short story each and post them on our next post. Then, you wonderful readers will write stories of your own. Please be as creative and expressive as you want, but it needs to be appropriate. So, basically no raunchy sex scenes or deeply descriptive death scenes or over excessive cussing. Also, when you're done just post the story in a comment or send it to us in a message. That's about it! Hanna and I will be both writing Horror stories which should be pretty interesting.

Lastly, Have Fun with this everyone! We want to see what you got and the story we like the most will be posted on our blog as well as featured in either mine or Hanna's next youtube video.

Happy Writing!



Hanna said...

By the way Dreamers - our email address is on the "Contact Us" page!!