Monday, September 13, 2010

Charlie is back, life sucks, and so forth.

First things first, I'd like to apologize immensely for being away for so long.
In a way, life has been hectic. Yes, staying in your bedroom 24/7 does take a lot out of a person. I wish I could come up with some excuses.

Fake excuse one (1): I have been reading A LOT! (If 3 novels are a lot.. then this is not a lie.)
Face excuse two (2): I have been writing epicness!
Real excuse one (1): I watched an entire season of Glee in one day! Yes, 24 hours of non-stop entertainment and music! Fun,Fun,Fun.

For some reason, I can't write anything I want to stick with for more than a few days, and my plot is getting worse and worse the more I think about it. Talk about fast-paced.... it feels like I have nothing slowing it down, and that is why I hate it so much... or maybe I just have not found the right beginning. (READ HANNA'S POST ON BEGINNING'S.) Take my advice, they are important.

Here is some writing advice, and hopefully, I will take my own advice, too.

One month of thinking and plotting? Right... now get to writing. Forget the "OOOH, lets find pictures of our characters!" and the "OOOOH, lets read more for ideas and better writing!" (even though that is important) just write!

Trust me, I know. Take a look at my characters. I went as far as finding backgrounds, and editing their clothes and hair and eyes and mascara and skin tone on photoshop!
Sad, sad me.

Yes, that is Taylor Swift with long, golden straight hair, and beautiful juicy red lips and white skin, and added wings... Yes, the hair looks fake, I edited it. I am not the best photoshop editor out there... just to make that clear.
She is what my angel looks likes. <_<
Nothing to see here... move along.
Get Writing!

--Charlie, The Cooler Teen.


Corey_Parsley said...

I have a very important question on writing. I recently haven't found much time at all(as usual I suppose.)to work on my book. There are times when I feel my book is getting kind of bland, but I just want to skip all the talking and blah stuff to just get to the action, magic, and drama! What can I do to fall back in love with my story?

Anonymous said...

Well, since I posted this and Hanna has not answered yet, I will answer you, even though the question was not asked to me.

That happens to me, too. A lot. I lose interest in a project I loved so much. But I have kept with the idea I have now. Here is how I did it:
1) Skip the boring scenes.
2) Write the scenes that interest you and you want to write, and then fill in the gaps at the end of the draft.
3) To fall back in love with your story, do some of the things/listen to some of the things (if music)/watch the thing, etc... that inspired you to write this.
4) Sometimes, I watch famous authors interviews, and it gets me motivated.

I hope I helped, even a little bit.

--Charlie, The Cooler Teen.

Hanna said...


That is a very good question and I'm so sorry I haven't had time to get back to you. My laptop died yesterday and will not turn back on, so currently I am using the family computer.

Actually, I've been struggling with the same issue at the moment, although I know the reason why I am. However, I'd like to explain this more in-depth, if you'd allow me to use your comment to write a post about? I'll most likely post it on both of my blogs. Let me know!


Corey_Parsley said...

Hey you two! Thanks so much for the advice! It really does help. When I usually get like this I find that I need to go back to the source or the center of my imagination to truly fall back in love with my novel. And yes Hanna! Of course you can use my comment as a blog post, just as long as i'm mentioned. Hahaha! Well, get back to me soon guys. I'm also on facebook, youtube, and dailybooth.

Tessie said...

d00d, charlie, that luks just lyk tail0r swift 0r sumthin.

Anyway, I'm glad you're back! Both of you!! Just to let you know, I thought I read, "Fake excuse one (1): I have been *writing* A LOT! (If three novels are a lot... then this is not a lie.)"
And I was all, :0 WHOA. Why are you not doing happy dances?

This is kind of a pointless comment, but oh well...

Writing during school is both good and bad. Good because sometimes being in a monotonous environment can make your mind wander and you think of great things, but the bad part is you never have time :/

Sorry this is so long! Welcome back to the interwebs :P And I send comforting/santa-like bear hugs to Hanna as well :')