Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm So Sorry

I'm so sorry that I'm such a terribly horribly lame blogger - I haven't posted here since FEBRUARY 28TH! 

Unfortunately, I don't have much to update on.  I've been posting more on my PERSONAL BLOG, so if you're dying to get more information about what I'm up to, you should definitely go follow me there, if you haven't.  Considering this blog no longer seems to be TWO teens and probably not even technically ONE teen considering I've been so terrible about posting. 

I've been trying my hardest to write, but life is just pretty crazy lately.  With school and everything, I hardly have time where I just want to sit down and write (or read for that matter).  We've been reading To Kill A Mockingbird recently (actually, I finished it earlier tonight - LOVE that book) and even though I've really liked it, it's like by the time I get done reading the chapters for homework, I honestly don't want to sit down and read.  And I feel REALLY bad about that. 

I've been uber tired lately - I'm just soo ready for school to be out.  About 4 more weeks.  I can do this. I don't remember being this tired at this point in the school year last year, I have no idea what has happened.  I know I can't say that I'm getting old, I've learned that's not a validatable excuse.  So maybe I can just say that I'm tired.  Period.  Of childish people at school, of people who lie to your face about things that hurt, of having to get up at 6am, of not having any motivation to write.

Which brings me to my next thing, HOW DO YOU WRITERS GET MOTIVATED TO WRITE????



Corey_Parsley said...


I know exactly how you feel! A great Ted Dekker Novel has been sitting on my bed side table...unread...glaring at me. I feel so guilty and I haven't been able to write much lately either. It frustrates me to no end! I'm telling you, this summer will be the summer of WRITERS, because I will finally have a lot more time to just sit back, relax, and engulf myself within a good book or my writing. In order to stay motivated I usually make a check list and dead lines for myself. I go through and check each one off as I go. That or I just block the world out with music. ^_^


Hanna said...


I've tried the whole deadline thing, I have little dry-erase circles behind me that I write my goal on, but a lot of times those deadlines are not met. Which is frustrating.

I actually went to a wonderful lady's book signing Thursday night and that has given me a little kick in the rear that I needed. So let's hope this keeps me motivated at least through the first draft!