Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Being Made Fun Of

^ The Inevitable

Because I don't feel like typing it all.



Anonymous said...

Awesome vlogiddy vlog. In the poll I chose "Being made fun of" but I'm not afraid of my peer's opinions, I'm afraid of the critics and readers who may one day (possibly, hopefully) read my novel.

I write for my school newspaper and I am horrified whenever we receive a letter to the editor complaining about my article.

I also look at people like Stephenie Meyer and the twilight fans who are constantly bullied by trolls on the internet. I would hate for that to happen to me.

Again, great vid. I think your really growing as a vlogger.

Tessie said...

Wow this was a really good video. It actually made me feel a lot better about being made fun of!!

Well, actually I'm not too afraid of being made fun of, I'm just a generally shy person when it comes to showing people what I write. But luckily I'm getting over it (that's also why I started my blog thing)

Anyway, it was a realllly helpful video!

Hanna said...

@jpereztheargus Yeah- I know what you mean, but you're going to have critics and readers that are like that, even if your book is the most awesomely-awesome novel in the world. Yes, we Twilight fans are continuously bashed for our fandom. I don't think people realizes how much that could hurt the author.

@Tessie Thanks. I thinking coming out of your shell is (one of)the hardest thing as a writer. But it's so important.

Anonymous said...

I now feel like I'm missing out. People tease me, not necessarily for writing, but no one has every really made fun of me. Actually, when it comes to writing, everyone I know has been sooo supportive, even people that I don't know very well. To me, I always thought it was kind of like a fable that people told...

Hanna said...

@Anonymous That's rare - but nice. "If only, if only" ;)